A little more about me:

I grew up in Rockland County, NY (New York metro area). My father is an optician and a small business owner and my mother was a stay-at-home mom. I have an older brother who is a technology professional and a twin sister, who is an optometrist.

I have been married to my wife, Sandi Reinardy, for 8 years and we’ve lived in the Spring Harbor neighborhood for close to 6 years. Sandi is from a very large family and while we don’t have any of our own children, we do have 27 nieces and nephews who we dote on and spoil.

My Background

Community involvement has always been important to me, and I’ve been a technology geek since I was a child. When I was in high school I got involved with my 8,500-student school district to build their first website, as well as the sites of the 13 district schools. Then then hired me to build the district’s first staff e-mail server. It was an incredible experience that exposed to me to the workplace before graduating high school in 1998 and led to multiple job opportunities after graduation.

I decide to attend Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ to pursue a B.S. in Computer Science. At that time, the program was struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing industry and after a year and a half I received a job offer to build and run the IT department of a translation company. The experience was too good to pass up and I left school and took the job. A few years later, I became a partner in an IT consulting firm focused on supporting small and medium-sized companies in the New York City area. I spent close to 15 years in that position, which exposed me to many different industries and required extensive partnership-building with both vendors and clients to help keep businesses running.

During my time in Hoboken, I became very active in city government. Hoboken is a densely populated city and I initially became involved in grassroots efforts to improve the amount and quality of park space. Through that work, I learned there was more I could do to help improve the quality of life in our community. I was a campaign volunteer for former Mayor Dawn Zimmer in a city council race, as well as her campaigns for Mayor (she’s was elected twice to that position). I was later appointed to the city’s planning board (a volunteer position), where I eventually became Chairman and helped facilitate the implementation of sound city planning initiatives, including a re-examination of the City’s Master Plan for Zoning and Development.

My wife and I moved to Madison in 2013 when I joined a small healthcare technology start-up as their Chief Technology and Chief Strategy Officer. After 5 years helping grow the company into a successful venture, I sold my ownership stake in 2017 and I have since left the company with the desire to focus on efforts that more directly impact my local community. My wife is a Wisconsin native and we have come to love Madison.

In July 2018, Alder Mark Clear resigned for the Madison Common Council. 7 residents applied for the interim Alder position and were interviewed by the Common Council Executive Committee (CCEC). After 2 rounds of interviews, the CCEC recommended me to the Common Council to fill the remainder of Mark Clear’s term (April 2019). I was appointed to the position on August 7th.  I love the opportunities I’ve had to learn more about the city and use my professional and personal skills in a meaningful way. I’m excited about the opportunity to serve a full term.

-Keith F