Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face and serious action is needed on local, state, national and international levels. We must fight to stop climate change even as we work to mitigate and adapt to the changes that are already occurring. Proactively working on issues we can address locally is critical to Madison’s long-term vibrancy and economic health.

The most significant change we’ve seen here in District 19 is increased flooding. The flash flooding and high lake levels caused by the storms in August 2018 were a big wake-up call. Flooding has become a more common occurrence throughout the district and unfortunately, the situation is likely to get worse over time.

I’ve worked hard to make our community more resilient by updating ordinances and supporting upgrades to our public infrastructure. I’ve made it a point to attend every neighborhood focus group for the City’s Watershed studies where City engineers gathered feedback from residents. I’ll continue to work with stakeholders inside City Hall, Dane County, UW-Madison, and neighborhood associations to make sure we take serious and prudent steps toward addressing this crisis.

Achievements & Actions:

  • Supporting City of Madison’s effort to make its operations 100% Renewable Energy and Zero Net Carbon by 2030
  • Supporting increases in budgets to study and mitigate flooding
  • Active participant in Watershed Studies, including attending public information meetings and  smaller neighborhood focus groups to learn more about residents’ experiences
  • Supporting the use of solar power on City buildings
  • Changes in City ordinance to make installation of solar energy systems easier for property owners
  • Strong and early supporter of the re-writing of City’s stormwater ordinance, which updated stormwater requirements of new construction to modern levels
  • Successfully sponsored ordinance requiring bird-safe vision glass treatment on specified commercial buildings