One important concern is flooding.   Our neighborhoods were significantly impacted by the flash flooding and high lake levels caused by the Aug. 20 storm. Flooding has become a more common occurrence and given the impact of climate change, this situation is likely to get worse over time. The recent storm gave us all a wake-up call. We need to make our community more resilient by updating our development ordinances and upgrading our public infrastructure.

Municipalities are ground zero in the fight to protect and preserve our environment. It is critical to Madison’s long-term vibrancy and economic health that we proactively address the issues in our city.

Living close to Lake Mendota, I’ve witnessed firsthand the abnormal lake water levels and more frequent blue-algae blooms. The other effects of climate change such as extreme weather conditions, flooding and the water well conditions also need our attention.

If elected for a full term, I’d continue to work with stakeholders inside City Hall, Dane County, UW-Madison and neighborhood associations to make sure we take serious and prudent steps toward addressing this worsening crisis.