One theme I regularly hear from neighbors is a concern about our roads. Increased development has had an impact on our already overtaxed transportation system.

I will continue to support the City’s investment in projects to improve roads, including speed calming methods, street resurfacing/repaving and repair. Residents will continue to be engaged on these plans early and throughout the process.

On a larger scale, our public transit system is an incredibly important piece of traffic and climate change mitigation, as well as an equity issue. I support continued investment in our transit system to ensure improved service. Residents throughout the district should have easy access to bus service.

I’ve supported efforts to implement a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Madison. BRT would add high-frequency, limited stop service provided by large buses. Additionally, the system would include frequent all-day service, transit signal priority, dedicated bus lanes, and off-board fare payments.

As a member of the Transportation Policy and Planning Board, I work closely with a number of City departments and a committee of dedicated residents to advocate for changes that are sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective. As Madison grows, it is critical that we proactively manage the way our transportation system evolves. My prior experience with planning in larger urban areas gives me key insight into both opportunities for improvement and pitfalls that we need to avoid.

Achievements & Actions:

    • Early and strong support for the adoption of a Vision Zero policy to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries that are a result of crashes on streets and paths within the City of Madison by 2030.
    • Reconstruction of South Gammon Road from US HWY 12/14 (West Beltline Hwy) to Mineral Point Road and construction of the West Towne multi-use Path from Grand Canyon Drive to South Gammon Road.
    • Active participation in creation of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Downtown Routing, West Side Routing and BRT east-west corridor.
    • Supporting and participating in staff work focused on on-street parking in the City and policies that influence such parking.
    • Supporting the reconstruction of University Avenue from Shorewood Boulevard to University Bay Drive, and actively participating in detailed planning to ensure resident feedback is heard.