Alder Keith Furman will be on the ballot for re-election on April 6, 2021. There will not be a February primary for the District 19 Aldermanic election in 2021.


Voting Options

Important Absentee Ballot Note

If you voted absentee in 2020, you still need to resubmit a request for a ballot for April 2021!

To request your absentee ballot, visit

Request an absentee ballot

For April’s election, absentee ballots will be in the mail beginning on March 16th. All absentee ballots are sent to the polls to be counted on Election Day.

You can verify your registration, polling place, sample ballot, and absentee ballot status at My Vote Wisconsin .

The deadline to request an absentee ballot is 5:00 pm the Thursday (4/1) before the election, but it’s recommended you make your request as early as possible so there is adequate time to make sure you get your ballot and are able to submit it to the City.

Voting Absentee By Mail

In-Person Absentee Voting

For the April 6, 2021, Spring Election, The City of Madison will offer In-Person Absentee Voting from March 23 – April 4 (no voter registration on April 3 or 4, though, per state law).

In-person absentee voting locations and hours.

Absentee Ballot Drop-Off Sites

Voters wishing to return their absentee ballots in person may do so at one of the City’s ballot drop-off sites.  Several of these options offer a poll worker will be present to accept your absentee ballot and to serve as your witness, if needed.

Additional voting by absentee ballot information is available on the City of Madison’s Clerk site.

In-Person Election Day Voting on April 6th

You can verify your polling location at or before heading to the polls on Election Day.

City of Madison polling locations for District 19 are listed below:

Ward 86 – Asbury United Methodist Church, 6101 University Avenue
Ward 87 – John Muir Elementary School, 6602 Inner Drive
Ward 88 – Alicia Ashman Library, 733 N High Point Road
Ward 89 – Schwoegler Park Towne Lanes, 444 Grand Canyon Drive (NEW as of 8/11/2020 election; previously Oakwood Village)
Ward 90 – Falk Elementary School, 6323 Woodington Way (NEW for 2021)